February 3, 2009

never too late...for second chances...

thanks to the positive response to my year end music wrap up last month, let's see if we can make it something of a regular thing...

January is usually the month I find myself playing catch up with things I missed the previous year...or giving a second chance to stuff I chose to ignore...that's where most of the items on this list come from...

Cool Calm Pete, Lost The Album- One of those mechanical recommendations from Last.fm or emusic. They got this one right. Pete's got that old New York style flow and a sense of humor. Read more here.

Facing New York, Get Hot- Read about this one over on the AV Club. Sort of a garagey take on the Steeley Dan sensibility. It's not as retarded as I'm describing it.

Holy Fuck, Holy Fuck- Found this digging around on emusic. An instrumental band out of Canada. They make a joyful, raucous, noise. Here, they did a remix of Radiohead's Nude.

Jim White, Transnormal Skiperoo- One afternoon cruising the cable wasteland, I found this crazy movie about Southern music called Wrong Eyed Jesus. Our guide was Mr Jim White. I try to keep up with whatever he does now.

John Common, Why Birds Fly- A Denver singer-songwriter. He calls his music Indie-Folk. I just call it awesome. Here he is working a Joe Henry vibe...

Melvins, Nude With Boots- I saw these guys years ago open for Primus. This was around the time Cobain name dropped them as an influence. I thought, "Really?" It was nothing but noise to me. Maybe I was distracted by the lead singer's hair. It made him look like an angler fish. Their new album is growing on me though.

Nellie McKay, Obligatory Villagers- I heard her perform If I had You on NPR, and I decided I needed to know more. I still haven't found that performance anywhere else, but her latest album makes me smile.

Tilly And The Wall, Wild Like Children- Team Love is a small NYC based label that opens the vault every month and just gives away a full album of one of their artists. This allowed me to finally catch up and check out Rabbit Fur Coat by Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins. Also, I found that I love this band that I never heard of.

TV On The Radio, Dear Science- Another band that I just did not get. The critics and the cool kids raved about them, and all I heard was noise. (I'm old) Every time they released a new album, I gave them a shot to win me over. Nothing stuck. This one reminds me of early Talking Heads. (if only in spirit) I think they finally got me. What changed, them or me?

Wynton Marsalis Septet, Citi Movement- 'Cause I'm a Jazz snob, yes I am.