October 30, 2003

for anyone out there who still Don't Know... a short course in pimping...pimping is the art of running game in pursuit of sex and/or money...sample...when you're watching a commercial on tv...you are being pimped...if there is a logo prominently displayed on your clothes...you have been pimped...buying a drink for someone you just met at the bar...depends, you could be pimping...chances are...you are getting pimped.

October 28, 2003

finally allowed myself to see matrix sequel last night...waayyy too long...i don't see a reason for an action movie over 90 min...my edit...the swarming smiths sequence...shortened to 3 min...the architech's speech...shortened to 2 min...the french guy's speech...cut...the fight on the marble stairs...shortened to 2 min... I'm down with the philisophical side of the movie, but they laid it on thick...like they were afraid people wouldn't get it...berevity...is more powerful than lonf windedness.

October 20, 2003

beneath my friendly exterior today...i hate people...for no apparent reason...other than to simply hate...

October 14, 2003

okay people, the insanity continues...#9 with a bullet:


okay, so i have a dream of sex with Madonna...i like that idea, so when i finally dream it, you'd think it would be good...yet in my dream i'm disappointed...and wish i was with with my most recent lover...what the?

October 13, 2003

If art is a religion, this last weekend was an evangelical tent revival...

I saw three great movies:

Foo-Foo Dust- A documentary about a mother and son struggling with drug addictions, and their love for each other. Devastating, sad, and beautiful in it's exploration of two people clinging to each other as they slide towards their doom.

Film as Subversive Art- A documentary about Amos Vogel, pioneering avant-garde film programmer and distributor. Inspirational story of a young Jewish immigrant who escaped Hitler in Austria and came to NYC. There he created Cinema 16, a highly influential film society that helped introduce important filmmakers to American audiences, and shook our ideas of what film should be.

Bitter Jester- Okay, maybe not great, but definitely worth the investment. Another doc, but this time about the nightmare world of stand-up comedy. Maija Digiorno is our guide as she tries to get her career back on track after cursing out an industry audience at the Aspen Comedy Festival. Insightful and funny, her boyfriend/producer Kenny is the most frightening human being I've encountered on a movie screen this year.

Oh, and can't forget the shorts...

Most memorable so far:

Terminal Bar- Made almost entirely from still photos, this is a look back at NYC of the 70's. A son tells his father's story as a bartender in one of the diveyest dives of all time. The Terminal Bar sat on the corner across from the Port Authority on 42nd St. First a hangout for Jewish mobsters, it became the seedy center for pimps, hustlers, cruisers and losers. This is a love letter to a NYC that doesn't exist anymore.

Fast Film- A fun little short, made entirely from bits of iconic imagery from movie history. This is every story that has ever been told.

But by far, the highlight of the weekend was Wynton Marsalis and the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra.

This made me so very happy. It was like seeing Ali vs. Forman, it was Elvis, Johnny Cash, and Jerry Lee Lewis at Sun Studio, it was Bukowski in the Tenderloin district, Burroughs on heroin, and Martin Luther King's I Have a Dream speech at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial.

These men played music, and the audience soaked it up. We were thirsty for something we didn't know we were without. And Wynton...it's like the man is channeling every great blues and jazz musician and history through his horn. Even when he's playing soft and low, he blows straight through you. Damn.

October 12, 2003

after some conversation and a piece of advice (for good or ill), i decided to make this entry...

what's all this about...the blogging, the website, all the reading, watching and writing...to what end is all this time and energy being dedicated...i've known the answer to this question for years, i've dared not speak it for shame, and superstition...

one day, i'd love to walk into a bookstore and see a book on the shelves with my name on it and be proud that it is my work.

there, i said it.

write it down, do the work...

October 8, 2003

this is all i have to say about what happened in california today...this is what happens when you put a pistol in the hands of a monkey...

October 7, 2003

here's a secret i've known for years...I'm ready to share it with the world...

You know that guy, the one you see walking down the sidewalk with the look in his eye like he's got the world on a string..you ever wonder how he can move through the world with such confidence?

there are three things that make a man walk like that...a good shine on his shoes, money in his pocket, and an amazing blowjob...

two out three...i can live with that...

October 6, 2003

more thoughts of old men i meet...during, well after really, this spring's big snowstorm i was out and about and i spoke with this old man standing on the corner of a snowdrifted intersection downtown...he was full of stories about his youth, the war (his war), women, family...he spoke non-stop, he was happy to have someone listen...by telling all this stuff now, what will i have to talk about when i'm 70?

October 2, 2003

just had a great laugh...someone did a search on msn for sexhotsex and my blog popped up at #15...it is a sick sad world...i love it.