November 21, 2003

One of the rare moments i actually enjoy working in my beige colored, glass coated souls sucking office building...watching a cotton candy colored sunset settle over the city...

November 20, 2003

For anyone who believes hardore racism doesn't exist...I give you evidence #36.3.22:

The man who walked up to me today during lunch and asked me what country i was from...

November 10, 2003

#6...people...only you can make me #1!

November 6, 2003

somewhere in my life i chose to separate my self from the outside stand own man, shaped only by the life that is a lonely is a hard way...i've sometimes fought against that choice...mostly though, it is a choice of is a choice of integrity in a corrupt is a choice to be responsible for who i's a the chinese sense, it is suits me.

November 5, 2003

I know I'm not the only one who experiences a tiny thrill when the yoga teacher touches you during i?

completely's hard no to feel contempt for the way of life that produces the typical spirit, it is a life dominated by unearned priviledge, lazieness, waste, violence, and stupidity...of course life is constant flux, is also a way life that contains hard work, compassion, conservation, and intellectual i a grumpy old man, or do those latter qualities seem to be found in feweer and fewer people?

November 3, 2003

a very good friend just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl last week...that young lady is blessed and loved...I just wish she had a different name...

November 1, 2003

looking in the mirror this morning...who is this guy wearting my clothes?, it's too early for some kind of mid life breakdown...i honestly cannot recognize myself...that's either good news, or really, really very bad news...