September 30, 2003

after putting it off as long as i could, i went to see American Splendor...before this movie, i had no idea who harvey pekar was...i would dare say that his work goes a long way towards creating a convincing artguement that comic books are a literary art form..i wouldn't go so far as saying they are an american art can't ignore or underestimate the japanses, why did i avoid this movie? it confirmed what i was afraid it would..excluding the whole being published thing, my life has been an awful lot like his...dead end souls sucking occupation for apaycheck...yeadrs of working in obscurity...crotchety attitude...believe it or not though, i walked out inspired and enboldened for more lonlieness, frustration, and lack of recognition...
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  • September 9, 2003

    reason # 51 why you won't see a romantic comedy script with my name on it...

    how do you portray the good times in a relationship without walking into cliches?

    September 6, 2003

    thoughts this morn of an old man I met last winter...won't cover the details...might write about it...what's on my mind this morning is his state of best he was in his mid70's...his grasp of the world around him was thin...his major though process seemed to circle aorund fear, confusion, desperation...when I met him, i thought, there but for grace of i feel like i was given a glimpse of my future...

    September 5, 2003

    try's ahead...prepping a new website...for a fuller digital representaion...hope to include some audio/video...we'll see... shooting and viewing...frustrated now because my digi is at the bottom of the largest freshwater lake west of the may just have to resort to analog...
    blogger pissing me off right now...will try to post again later...urrrrrrgh

    September 4, 2003

    well it seems I've been doing this for about a year...reasses...learned a little html...more comfortable with putting my work in front of people...loving the new direction in theme and tone...all in all a good move in the right direction...keep on movin...

    September 3, 2003

    moving some posts from b,s,b,...really more appropriate in this space...

    this entry from 9.4.01 kinda says it all:

    so i'll own this

    make believe love is a poisonous pleasure
    real love is the sand in my shoe
    the passion that feeds me is my passion for words
    at the end of the day i am my own best company
    at the end of my life all i have is me
    housecleaning...entry from 9.5.01...

    a few details...

    i'm a writer/filmmaker in the rocky mountain region

    my work is informed by a variety of creative forces:

    Burroughs, William
    Bukowski, Charles
    Thompson, Hunter & Jim
    Himes, Chester
    Carver, Raymond
    Dreiser, Theodore
    Goines, Donald
    Steinbeck, John
    Leigh, Mike
    Lee, Spike
    Scorsese, Marty
    Dix, Otto
    Gilliam, Terry
    Simone, Nina
    D, Chuck
    Waits, Tom
    Mingus, Charles
    Cash, Johnny
    Mother Africa

    to name a handful.

    i've been working in happy obscurity as an independent publisher and producer for five years.

    i've been writing for over 15 years.

    i have have a passion/weakness for women and alcohol.

    this is my testimony.

    September 2, 2003

    dreams...dreams of others...dreams of mine...always good material...for instance: the dream a girl had of her teeth falling out...communication, but i have to lookt that one up...i'm sure there's more to it...or the dream of a group of women standing together at a party...wake...and the daughter of the dead man asks her friends to have sex with her seems he's not dead, just in a coma...she hopes this will bring him to they each take turns...hey, i didn't make this up...or the dream of a gift that has been waiting for a boy for 23 years...kept secret from him by a greedy, manipulative step father...what more is there to say?