August 29, 2003

thank God for the words...i've been the same way since i was a kid...everytime i got comfortable/someone told me i was good at something, i dropped it and moved on...track, gymnastics, wrestling, acting, singing...and now the whole filmmaking/dj/graphicnovel thing is just more in a succession of things that i jumped into and got bored with...fucking dillettante...

thinking about it, relationships have been pretty much the same can a man be a dilletantte with life? what does that come from? where does that lead to?

August 28, 2003

i am a dilletante...not with the writing, but the whole filmaking/dj thing is less rewarding/satisfying/fascinating than they once were...the words though, never go away...never

August 26, 2003

recent conversations with the best friend leave me leaning in these directions: marriage probably not for me, yet would love to be a father...chicago? not as things stand...lot o hottness here in the mile high city...hormones? boiling be released

August 17, 2003

on vaca right row...some quick observations...marriage...coming to the conclusions that it might not be for me...well i might not be built to be succeessful at it in any traditional sense...oh welll...reading hobo by eddy joe cotton...a romantic little tale of a wandering boy...hopping trains, slleping under tha stars, ,going hungry...i've had my hungry days...can't say i want to go back...

August 11, 2003

okay, so...

dreamt last night of a girl working at a black owned dairy farm...lasting image...freckled faced and pigatiled in overalls wrestling with a calf...why? dont know...

architecture...good design...human creations that help make the world amke sense, and open pathways of thought, movent, and a good story should

August 10, 2003

if you've found this, it's probably by accident, or maybe your curiosity led you here. either way, i'm pleased. welcome.

this is supposed to be a journal of my creative process. i'll talk about what inspires me, how something goes from idea to words on the page, images on the screen, or sounds in your ears, and anything else that might spill out of my head.

the only promise i can make is that it will be posted sporadically, my thoughs will be rambling, my spelling and grammar incorrect, and the punctuation sloppy.